PixelMax Assists Businesses In Creating and Hosting Their Own Virtual Worlds

What Does PixelMax Do?

PixelMax is an immersive communications platform based in Manchester. Using 3D interactive technology, the start-up transforms the means by which content is communicated to the masses, making it possible for companies to produce and communicate with their audiences via product or process simulation, digital twinning, and virtual settings.

What’s more, the business has even partnered with a UK National Health Service Trust to design a hospital unit replication, allowing patients and their loved ones to acquaint themselves with what awaits them prior to going into hospital.

Even manufacturing organizations are joining forces with PixelMax to construct digital twins of factory sites and equipment to aid in delivering virtual training effectively.

The co-founder of PixelMax, Andy Sands, said: “Right now, there’s a huge opportunity for PixelMax, but to get to the next level we need an investment partner that can provide strategic guidance and support, as well as an injection of capital.

“The team at Praetura Ventures not only share our ambitions, but they also have a track record of supporting businesses just like ours and this deal represents a significant milestone in our growth journey.”

Who Are the Founders?

The founders include Andy Sands, Shay O’Carroll, and Rob Hilton.

Andy is a pro in the application of 3D / Immersive Technology for the benefit of communication, education, and industry. He’s managed a team of developers to deliver premium programs in higher education, utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) and transformational projects in manufacturing such as Virtual Reality, loT Integrations, and digital twins. Andy’s past roles have included Business Development Manager at Trinity Mirror plc and Commercial Manager at Hobs Studio.

Shay O’Carroll specializes in 3D / Immersive Technology. She’s moved across from AEC to specialize in supporting the growth of UK manufacturers, closely aligned to the most recent Government funding initiatives. Previous positions have included National Sales Director at Hobs 3D and Territory Manager at Canon Europe Ltd.

Who Are PixelMax’s Competitors?

Competitors include Glue, Scotty, Proximie, ENGAGE, and Mindesk.

What Kind of Marketing Do These Competitors Do?

Most of the above AR and VR companies are active on social media and have blog campaigns.

What Kind of Marketing Does PixelMax Do?

PixelMax posts fairly frequently on Twitter and LinkedIn but doesn’t appear to have any other social media platforms yet. As the website is still not live, there’s no blog present, either.



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